Ageing Skin: Unlock Youth with Latest Treatment Modalities

We all age, and our skin is no exception. Ageing skin goes through a series of changes, including loss of elasticity, loss of radiance, wrinkles, loss of facial fat pads, pigmentation and other signs of ageing. While there are many things we can do to slow down this process of ageing, but once ageing appears on face, cosmetic treatments may help you enhancing looks.

With ageing our skin undergo following changes – less collagen production, loss of specific fat pockets on face, fine lines and wrinkles formation, open pores & dry, lifeless appearance. Due to all above skin and other deep tissue changes, our face looks aged. There are various cosmetic skin treatments and procedures available to improve facial looks by improving these ageing skin flaws. 

Ageing Skin - Changes, Facts and Treatment in Udaipur

In the process of aging, the skin undergoes various changes that significantly affect its appearance and health. Collagen and elastin production naturally decline, leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, while reduced hydration levels result in dryness and heightened vulnerability to environmental factors. Additionally, the skin experiences a decrease in thickness and loss of subcutaneous fat, causing facial volume loss and contributing to sagging skin.

Cumulative sun exposure and environmental damage over time lead to increased hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, emphasizing the crucial role of UV protection. Moreover, the aging-related slowdown in the natural renewal process of skin cells necessitates a skincare routine that supports cell turnover through exfoliation and nourishing ingredients. Addressing these aspects becomes pivotal in combating the effects of aging skin.

Sagging skin with ageing - Wrinkles and Fine lines Doctor in Udaipur

Treatment & Therapies

Ageing Skin Treatment can be divided in four major segments:

1. Wrinkles
Few facial wrinkles are better treated with Botox® (Botulinum Toxin) / Baby Botox while others may be treated with Dermal Fillers, Vampire Facial, HIFU, Thread Lift etc. Vibra Clinics is first choice cosmetic clinic for Botox in Udaipur.

2. Volume Loss
With ageing our face tends to look hollow at various places, like cheeks, undereye dark circles, nasolabial folds etc. To augment & contour these facial structures, we use dermal fillers (Juvederm®). With Dermal Fillers we may also augment lip contour, and this procedure Lip Fillers is very common celebrity treatment. Vibra Clinics is a leading cosmetic clinic for Dermal Fillers in Udaipur, offering long term and most satisfactory results.

3. Skin Dullness
As we age our skin become dull looking. This lifeless dullness of skin can be treated with various cosmetic treatments in aesthetic clinics. To name a few – Medical Facials, Vampire Facials, Chemical Peels, Carbon Facial, CO2 Bubble therapy Oxygeneo etc.

4. Open Pores
Collagen production decreases as we age. This leads to open pores specially on cheeks. Open pores gives appearance of skin like orange peel. We can treat these open pores by boosting collagen production skin with the help of procedures like – Vampire Facials, HIFU, Carbon Facial, Thread Lifting etc.

Ageing Skin FAQs


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