How Safe Carbon Facial Is?

Overall, carbon facials are generally safe and effective for most people, but it is important to consult a Cosmetologist / dermatologist or esthetician before undergoing the treatment to ensure that it is appropriate for your skin type and concerns.

Carbon Facials also known as Carbon Peel, are facial treatments that involve the application of a thin layer of activated carbon to the skin. Than a specific laser (Q-Switched NdYAG or Pico Laser) is thrown on this thin carbon layer. Carbon facial has following major benefits –

Though carbon facial is a very safe procedure, rarely it may cause few non-serious side-effects. Carbon facials are generally safe and well-tolerated, but some people may experience side effects such as:

  1. Dryness or flakiness of the skin: Carbon facials can be drying, especially if the skin is not properly moisturized after the treatment. To prevent dryness and flakiness, it is important to use a moisturizer after a carbon facial and to drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.
  2. Redness or irritation: Some people may experience redness or irritation after a carbon facial, especially if their skin is sensitive or if the treatment was not performed properly. This should resolve on its own within a few hours or days, but if the redness or irritation persists or becomes severe, you should consult a dermatologist.
  3. Breakouts: Carbon facials can cause breakouts in some people, especially if the skin is not properly cleaned before the treatment or if the activated carbon is not removed properly. To prevent breakouts, it is important to cleanse the skin thoroughly before a carbon facial and to follow the proper aftercare instructions provided by doctor.

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