GFC Therapy is the Next-Generation Hair Loss Therapy introduced in Udaipur by Dr Upavan Pandya

Hair loss can be a very traumatic experience. It’s one of the most common reasons why people visit a doctor. When it comes to hair loss, there are many treatments available.

Dr. Upavan Pandya has been successfully treating hair loss and baldness in the last 10 years. He has introduced a revolutionary therapy for hair loss called GFC Therapy in Udaipur, which is much better than platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP Therapy). Dr Upavan Pandya is the leading hair transplant surgeon in India. He has been practicing for over 14 years and has treated more than 10000 patients for hair loss with various treatments and therapies. He is the pioneer of PRP therapy for hair loss as well as GFC Therapy treatment for hair fall in Udaipur. He has introduced first time in Udaipur, a new and unique treatment for hair loss called GFC or Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy.

GFC Therapy is a next-generation PRP therapy for hair loss. It is a completely safe as your own blood is used to extract growth factors which are helpful in hair loss control. GFC Therapy has been proven to be an effective therapy for hair loss. GFC is a new technology that allows doctors to use growth factors found in patients own blood to stimulate and grow hair.

GFC therapy has been around for a while, but the technology used was not very advanced. Now that this technology has advanced, it can be used to treat both men and women.

GFC therapy stimulate hair growth, and prevent hair loss. This therapy is the next generation of hair loss treatment. GFC therapy offers a safe and effective solution for hair loss. It has been proven to work for both men and women.

Benefits of using GFC therapy

  • stimulate hair regrowth
  • increase hair density
  • hair loss prevention
  • hair loss reversal
  • enhance hair growth
  • hair thickness
  • improve hair volume
  • hair loss recovery
  • hair fall prevention

Cost of GFC Therapy in Udaipur

Cost of one GFC therapy session is almost 2 to 3 times of PRP Therapy session, but it cost cheaper overall when total therapy sessions and other factors are taken in to consideration. For a given year GFC Therapy will actually cost you less than PRP Therapy cost. For more details on cost and session details please call +91 9166046591 to book appointment with our hair expert doctors.

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