Selfie or Normally Clicked Photograph? How does it affects your looks?

Do you think your nose shape is not that attractive that it should be? May be you are right or may be wrong! If you are just looking at your selfie and thinking so, than you may be wrong! As in selfies nose looks broader than actual. A study was conducted where a girl was clicked from various distances. Closure the click was broader the nose appeared.

Nose sharpening is usually done with two different methods – Nose reshaping with Dermal Fillers and Surgical Rhinoplasty. As world is moving towards non-surgical treatments day by day due to many benefits, dermal filler for nose reshaping or Nose Job is preferred over surgical reshaping. But wait! If you are planning for nose reshaping, first make sure to get clicked from distance first. Don’t opt for Nose Job on the basis of selfie picture as it may be misleading.

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