Rhynoplasty is done for medical conditions as well as for cosmetic purpose (Nose Jobs). Rhynoplasty can be done with injection of dermal fillers to fill the depressed areas on nose or to reshape nose to give attractive looks. This technique of rhinoplasty with injections is called as Medical Rhinoplasty.

Medical Rhinoplasty is the non- surgical process of nose restructuring. It is performed exclusively for cosmetic purpose. Many women (and men) have body issues with the natural structure of their noses. They may feel their noses are too pointed or two flat. Medical rhinoplasty would be very less invasive than a surgical rhynoplasty, as it would involve injection of dermal fillers.

Another method to perform this procedure is with surgery, known as Surgical Rhynoplasty. It can be done for cosmetic as well as for other medical conditions. Typically, a cosmetic involvement would only require contouring the nose slightly by surgery. Apart from aesthetic reasons, surgical rhynoplasty is required for patients with recurring sinus issue, having severe headaches from blocked nose.

In fact, with a misshapen septum, not only breathing, but also clearing the nose in cold can become a big problem! The nose operation may be the only solution if a patient suffers from acute breathing problems (due to nose structure), deals with a severe snoring issue, has a deviated septum, or an accidental broken nose. Professional cosmetic surgery specialists would look into your situation and set up a date for the surgical procedure.

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